Episode 84 Acceptance, Rejection, Resignation (1)

Acceptance, Rejection, Resignation, LOVE part 2

Episode 84

Love and acceptance are the bridge that take us from knowing who we are to be able to change and grow in our own lives. But, we often have such a hard time loving and accepting ourselves and the circumstances of our lives. When we don’t get to love and acceptance, it blocks us from the very thing we need to access in order to help ourselves.

This episode addresses the near and far enemies to acceptance, which are resignation and rejection. It’s easy to see and identify when we are rejecting ourselves, but it’s harder to see when we resign ourselves and give up trying to accept something we don’t like and don’t see how we can change. Resignation is a near enemy to love and acceptance. Listen to this episode to see how these near and far enemies might be getting in your way.

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