Episode 83 Finding Love For Who You Are With Aimee

Finding Love for Who You Are, with Aimee Gianni

Episode 83

This month I’ll be talking about the LOVE part of the KNOW, LOVE, GROW model for well-being. Once we start being more aware of ourselves, who we are, and what we have been creating in our own lives, it almost always brings up shame for us. But, shame will block us from the very thing we need to be able to move forward. Aimee Gianni and I have a conversation about how love and acceptance are the connecting piece between knowing who we are and growing into the next version of ourselves.

When we work on ourselves and work through the Know, Love, Grow process, many relationship problems will take care of themselves. Another benefit from doing this work is that as YOU do the work, your family will see it (eventually!) and you will become a person who has more influence on those around you.

To help you combat shame, I’ve created a free worksheet for you to download:

Download February’s training – Combatting Shame with Courage, Compassion, and Connection

If you missed the last free training, you can still get it here:

Download January’s pdf training – 30 journaling questions to get to know yourself better

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