Episode 85 Loving Yourself Takes Courage (1)

Loving Yourself Takes Courage, LOVE part 3

Episode 85

Jennifer Finlayson-Fife said:

It’s a moral act to love ourselves. Loving yourself is not about feeling good about yourself so much as it is about accepting yourself and investing in your own growth and development. It’s about doing hard things for the benefit of your development, just as you would do hard things for the benefit of your child’s development. That’s what love is. It takes courage because there aren’t guarantees.

This week’s episode is the 3rd installment of the LOVE episodes in the KNOW, LOVE, GROW model. Brent Bartel and I talk about how loving ourselves and investing in our own development is a courageous act.

Brent Bartel is a certified Life Coach. If you would like to contact him, email him at [email protected]

When you begin to get to know all the different parts of you, especially the parts that wanted to stay hidden, it can easily bring up shame. Shame tells you to hide that piece of you because it’s not acceptable for others to know that about you.

To help you combat shame, I’ve created a free worksheet for you to download:

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