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I know what you are going through because I’ve been there too.

My husband and I have been married over 30 years and have 4 children. 

I used to be on a never-ending emotional roller coaster, always wanting everything and everyone else to change so I could feel better. But the change didn’t happen and I was frustrated and felt terrible. 

I let my emotions run the show and they did a terrible job.

I struggled with self-doubt, perfectionism, and a constant nagging thought that I was never measuring up.

It was crippling.

And it showed up in all my relationships – especially my family relationships. 

When I found coaching, everything changed.

I learned to:

  • manage my own emotions and not rely on anyone else to feel better.
  • give myself grace and compassion
  • stop people-pleasing so other people would like me
  • be more kind and loving to others
  • become a better listener so I could truly connect with my husband and family
  • prioritize my life so that I was living a life I wanted to live on purpose instead of putting out one fire after another
  • so much more


It is my mission to help as many LDS women with their most difficult relationship problems, because I believe families are meant to be together, to learn with and from each other, and to grow in love together, not apart, no matter the circumstances.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes,  and I see many women  making those same mistakes and getting stuck in those same situations and emotions I thought I would never find my way out of.

But, I did find my way out and coaching played a huge part in that. I know the power of coaching as it is used right alongside the principles of the gospel.

I’ve seen it strengthen my relationship with myself, with my family, and with Jesus Christ. 

I’ll help you clear out the mental and emotional clutter you’re stuck in so you can find peace, confidence, and love again in your life. 

The best way to positively affect your family relationships – your marriage, children and family, is to spend the time working on YOU.

When you work on YOU, others around you are positively influenced.

This is where you will find your greatest ability to influence others to change – by working on yourself first. 

You will find the ability to maintain your confidence in yourself, peace amidst the storm, and love yourself and your family no matter what.


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