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Sara Brewer and Overcoming Pornography

It’s hard to find a person in the church that hasn’t been affected by pornography in one form or another. It’s part of the world we live in, and it’s infecting our families in so many ways. Sara Brewer, a fellow life coach, is doing so much good in this area right now with her program, “Overcome Pornography for Good.” She addresses overcoming a pornography habit in a much different way than you have probably heard before. And she’s getting amazing results with the people who have gone through her program. In this episode you will learn:

  • why people turn to pornography to cope with negative emotions
  • why a fear and shame based approach to overcoming pornography will have the opposite result of what you want
  • how the conversation with our youth needs to begin changing to help them have a more healthy view of sex. 

To find Sara, visit her website at https://www.sarabrewer.com/ or listen to her podcast HERE
If pornography is an issue in your family, I highly recommend becoming a member of her program. She gives a lifetime access to all the materials and it is well worth the cost.