Episode 114 Parenting Problems, Clean Up Your Side Of The Street (1)

Parenting Problems and Cleaning Up Your Own Side of the Street – Ask Me Anything Series

Episode #114 – Parenting Problems and Cleaning Up Your Own Side of the Street, Ask Me Anything Series

Today’s podcast consists of questions sent in by listeners. I answer 2 parenting questions:

Question #1

My son is 18 and has challenges with alcohol and nicotine. He is masking his challenges and feelings by checking out of life with both of those. My daughter is 16 and is questioning her faith. She has stopped going to church. I need some help recognizing how to build a better relationship with both of them. They’ve built up many walls and we don’t really communicate much at all. I don’t know what to do next. 

Question #2

I need some help rebuilding the relationship with my adult son. He’s created perceptions in his mind about who I am, and they are not correct. It’s damaging our relationship. I’ve already tried asking more questions, being less judgmental, and showing more love, but it’s not working. I think I need help in finding acceptance for myself and him.