Episode 76 Let's Talk About Original Grace (1) (1)

Let’s talk about “Original Grace” by Adam Miller, with Micah Gosney

Episode 76

I’ve saved this episode for the week of Christmas because this book – Original Grace – was pivotal this year in the growth I’ve experienced this year in understanding grace, justice, Christ, and the Atonement.

Adam Miller, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and a professor of philosophy, and a prolific author of many great books you can find at Deseret Book and on Amazon.

Adam Miller proposes this idea: grace and justice are the same. “It is never morally legitimate to use God’s law to judge what someone deserves. Rather, God’s law can only be used to judge what good someone needs. “
What someone needs is good for good, and good for evil.

Micah and I read this book together this year and this podcast is a discussion on our thoughts about this book. There is much more in the book we did not cover, and we encourage you to purchase the book and read it for yourself. And, the ideas presented in this podcast are just a few things that stood out to us and were meaningful to us.

Purchase Original Grace HERE

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