Your Journey

Your child has their journey
You have yours
Where will you go?

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In this program, you'll learn...

  • Know how to handle the emotions that come up without fearing them
  • Help your child and/or your spouse with their biggest struggles in life
  • Decrease anxiety about the future and learn how to be emotionally resilient
  • Increase confidence in yourself and your decisions
  • Create connection in the relationships that are the most important to you
  • Find your own inner peace and wisdom
  • Learn to truly love and forgive yourself and others
  • Discover what YOU want for YOU in your future and know how to get there

Managing Difficult Relationships

Wednesday, November 17, 2:00-3:00 MST

Workshop Covers

The holidays are right around the corner, and you know what that means – lots of parties — family, work, friends, and more. Do you ever find these parties hard to go to because of that difficult boss, or drama mama sister-in-law? If this sounds like you, come to this masterclass and find out how to stop dreading the parties ahead of you.

I’ll be talking all about how you can make it through the holidays without the drama and headaches of managing those difficult relationships, and how to relax and enjoy the season.

What this class will cover:
1. Why it’s a blessing to have difficult people in your life.
2. How to eliminate the drama.
3. How you can look forward to the get-togethers with your family, friends, and co-workers.

This class will be held live online through Zoom.

In addition to instruction time, this class will also include time for Q&A and live coaching. Don’t worry if you can’t attend this class live! You can email me a question to be answered on the call and you will receive the replay after the recording is posted, 

The Relationship Reset Workshop

Thursdays, January 6-27, 10:00-11:00 am, MST

Relationship Reset - 4 weeks workshop

With the beginning of a new year is the perfect time to reset a relationship that is struggling. This 4-week, online workshop, is the perfect opportunity to do just that – start again with a fresh mindset. Learn new concepts and new tools that will help you repair and reset for the new year. Each 60-minute class will be a combination of teaching, coaching, and Q&A. If your relationship with your child or your spouse is feeling rocky, you need to attend this workshop. Because a relationship that is repaired is stronger than a relationship that never needed repairing in the first place. 

What we will work on together:

1. Establishing connection – connection is 80% of a relationship.

2. The elements that go into a healthy relationship and how to implement them on a day-to-day basis.

3. Repairing a relationship that has been damaged so that it can become stronger. 

Private Coaching

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Have you learned a lot of concepts and tools but are struggling to know how to use them and implement them in your life? 

Do your personal issues seem too big to overcome and you’re wondering if any of these tools will make a difference for you?

If you need extra support, in a one-on-one setting, with someone who has helped countless people with their most difficult parenting issues, let’s talk.  

Contact me to set up a call and to see if private coaching is a good fit for you. 

This is so much more than loving your child unconditionally.

This is about:

  • Confidence in yourself and in your parenting
  • Making peace with what is and learning to embrace your new path
  • Creating relationships with your child, your spouse, and God that are better now than ever before
  • Discovering what you want for you future and creating a plan to make it happen
  • Finding peace, clarity, and confidence in yourself no matter what the future holds for you
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Frequently Asked Questions

There will never be a better or more convenient time to do this work. What if now is the perfect time?

Perfect. Use this to your advantage. The process of finding peace, clarity, and confidence in your life is also the process of learning new and uncomfortable things. Let this be the start of your practice. Be nervous and show up for yourself anyway.

Again, use this to your advantage. The greater the struggle, the more progress you can make. Are your relationships worth asking for help? Is it worth it to face embarrassment, rejection, and vulnerability?

You have a private coaching call every week, access to the worksheets, email support, and access to my entire video library. I’ve set up my program so that you will have all the support and information you need.

Don’t take it from me, take it from all those who have been successful in my program. You can see the case studies on this page . You know what you’re doing right now isn’t working. Are you willing to try something that does work?

I work with my clients one – on – one. What you learn in this program will change the way you show up in all your relationships, especially the ones that are closest to you. Your spouse will benefit just from you doing this program. If you would like to add an additional coaching package for your spouse, contact me for details.

I get it. Especially if this is your first time investing in yourself this way. What would you pay for a vacation, a car, or activities for your children? Probably much more than this program costs. We pay for the things that are important to us. Most of the things we pay for don’t have the power to change our present – day lives or our lives in the future. Coaching does. Coaching is powerful and life changing. What is your emotional health and well – being worth to you?

I ask my clients to do 15 – 20 minutes of daily work, and you will have a 45 – minute weekly call, set up at a time that works for you.

Possibly. Check with your employer or insurance provider if you are unsure. Once you sign up for the program, you will receive an email receipt that you can include in any paperwork

Yes! See the payment options above.

Case Studies