Managing Difficult Relationships




The holidays are right around the corner, and you know what that means — lots of parties — family, work, friends, and more. Do you ever find these parties hard to go to because of that difficult boss, or drama mama sister-in-law? If this sounds like you, come to this masterclass and find out how to stop dreading the parties ahead of you.

I’ll be talking all about how you can make it through the holidays without the drama and headaches of managing those difficult relationships, and how to relax and enjoy the season.

What this class will cover:
1. Why it’s a blessing to have difficult people in your life.
2. How to eliminate the drama.
3. How you can look forward to the get-togethers ahead of you.

This class will be held live online through Zoom.

In addition to instruction time, this class will also include time for Q&A and live coaching. Don’t worry if you can’t attend this class live! You can email me a question to be answered on the call and you will receive the replay after the recording is posted.

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