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Hey, I'm Tina

I help women find their voice, their confidence, their purpose, and create a life of peace, no matter what is happening.

If you’re feeling lost, sad, angry, resentful, worried, frustrated, or lonely, and it’s affecting your most important relationships, let’s have a conversation. 

What my clients are saying...


After you’re given everything you had to everyone else for years, or even decades, it’s time to pay attention to you.

You are important and you matter.

I’m a Certified Relationship Coach, Positive Relationship Strategist, and a Breathing and Mindfulness Instructor.

I address the whole of who you are – mind, body, spirit, and do it all with a trauma-informed lens. 

You can’t give everything you have, ignoring your own needs, wants, and desires, and be a strong support for the people you love. It isn’t possible.

It’s a gift to everyone else in your life for you to pay attention to yourself.