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Hey, I'm Tina

Are your family relationships estranged? Disconnected? Contentious?

If you’re ready to begin repairing relationships, connecting on a new level, and feeling more peace and love, no matter what is happening, come with me. I’ll show you how. 

I’m Tina, a Certified Life and Advanced Relationship Coach, specializing in working with women and couples who are experiencing difficult family relationships. 

I use the latest evidence-based practices in coaching and positive psychology to help my clients learn and practice accessible tools to begin changing the trajectory of their family relationships. I’ll help you go from contention to connection.

The relationships you want are possible.

Let’s get started.

What my clients are saying...


If you’ve tried everything you know to repair the relationship, and all it seems to do is make everything worse…

If you were the parent who did your best raising and loving your children, but now they are putting up boundaries and conditions for you to be in their lives…

If it feels like the family you thought you had is crumbling before your eyes…

Let’s talk.

I’m a Certified Life and Advanced Relationship Coach who is also trauma informed. 

It’s never too late to begin relating differently.